Sunday, February 17, 2008

Le Festival Continues....

More portraits today - and our volunteers were a mother and son team, Noreen & Steven. Steven was only 13 and bilingual - which is fantastic, as almost all of the festival-goers are Francophones. We're busy, but not as busy as Saturday. It's a long day, though - we start at noon and hardly stop for breath until 6:30pm. Tonight we have to strike our setup at the end of the day; there's a sponsor VIP reception in La maison this evening so they need the room clear. Melissa and Lynn (who seem to run the festival almost single-handed) stop by to help - we're packed up in no time.

The Francophone's sister has been so good to us - today she came by with two canvas bags full of food and drink, including her home-made tourtiere and a local pork pate called cretons. We took it all back to the hotel and the four of us had a small feast in our room. It was delicious.

The band playing the guitar tonight are called Pushing Daisies - dramatic and passionate power rockers who sing in French and English. They play the guitar for a couple of songs off the top, so we stick around for a song or two after that and then head over to the tent next door where the ice bar is for shots of Caribou all round. Still bloody cold out, but the Caribou warms us up from the inside out, and we trundle off to wait for our shuttle back to the hotel.

It's still early by the time we get back, so we share a bottle of wine in the Fairmont lounge bar before turning in.

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