Friday, April 11, 2008

St John's - Fifth Night

Another late working night for the men, so I aimed to be at the Professor's for eight-thirty. It was full dark by eight-thirty, and though the road to the Battery is reasonably well-lit and the houses are so close to the road that a cry for help would bring half a dozen people in a hearbeat, signs like the one above make me very nervous. Especially when walking the short stretch of cliff road where the only way through is either straight ahead or over the rail into the sea. I can imagine that in a thick fog, there is a definite otherworldliness about this road to nowhere...

But on to more important subjects: dinner.

What could possibly top last night's halibut, is a question that I'm sure has been on your mind all day. The answer is - moose.

The Professor cooked it bourgignon-style in a slow oven all afternoon, and we ate it with roasted new potatoes, asparagus and incredible bread from a local baker. Meltingly good.

Here is the dog who lives with the Professor and the Musician. Her name is Kitty, and she is a very sweet girl. She likes to help clean the dishes after the meal...and does a wonderful job!

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