Wednesday, April 16, 2008

St John's - Postscript

Back to work for both of us today. It feels a bit odd to return to our routine. How can I sit at a desk all day when there are stormy, rocky cliffs and lonely, lovely seaside vistas to be contemplated to the accompaniment of bird calls and the sound of the wind - all just a short flight away?

We walk to work this morning in an attempt to counteract the culture shock. We take the lake route.

It's all very calm and serene....there are joggers and cyclists, and we say good morning to everyone, like good little Newfoundlanders. The sun is warm and the lake is serenely blue, and the seabirds who winter on our lake have not yet flown north. They bob and dive shyly, and when we peer into the water, we see them swimming below the surface.

And there are swans, swimming hopefully up and eyeing us beadily with a view to breadcrumbs. may not be wild and mysterious and atmospheric and full of ferociously gregarious Newfoundlanders - but it's home and I did miss it.

For dinner tonight we ate the Potter's moose sausages. They were divine.

So that's it for now! The summer is coming, and with it some road trips and adventures, we hope.

Thanks for sharing this journey with us, gentle readers.


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