Wednesday, April 09, 2008

St John's - Day Four

Last week I'd noticed on the fence of the Anglican Cathedral of St John's that there were free organ concerts on Wednesdays from 1:15 to 1:45, so today that's what I did. But not alone! An old friend of my Man's lives here (let's call her the Potter), so she and I hooked up outside the church at one o'clock and went to hear the concert.

It was great! The church is beautiful and has the most gorgeous stained glass windows. The organ is a Great Casavant and sounds divine, and the organist was accompanied by a local soprano who sang Panis Angelicus and Pie Jesu. The whole experience was one of those unexpected and slightly secret delights that can make a holiday so memorable.

After lunch we walked over to The Sprout, a local vegetarian place which was a nice combination of Earth Mother and kitsch. The food was plentiful and very good and so was the conversation. The Potter was doing some family genealogy research up at The Rooms that afternoon, so she kindly dropped me at the Sobey's so I could do a little grocery shopping for our dinner tonight.

Walking back from Sobey's, laden with groceries and clinking with booze, I found myself cursing for the umpteenth time the piles of impacted snow and ice that still cover the sidewalks. For some reason which no one can explain, the city does not clear the sidewalks - and there is no legislation for homeowners to clear their walks either. As a result, you end up walking in the road - which can be hazardous, to say the least!

There seems to be no legislation about dog poop either, unfortunately....

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