Monday, April 07, 2008

St John's - Day Two

The view from our window today.

The weather can only be described as vile. It's damp and cold and kind of windy, and the stuff falling from the sky isn't sure whether it wants to be rain or snow.

Still, it's lovely here, and I didn't let the weather stop me from taking a three hour walk around the harbour and downtown area.

This is the view of the Battery and the Narrows, leading out to sea. When you click on the picture to enlarge it, you'll be able to see a little building on top of the hill - the hill is Signal Hill, and the building is where Marconi received the first wireless signal in 1901.

I found a great children's bookstore where I bought Nick Hornby's Slam, and had a nice chat with the owner. She told me the last independent bookstore in St John's went out of business a month ago, as a result of the Chapters which has opened up in the suburbs (near the relocated liquor store...). So now you can't buy a book anywhere in downtown St John's. (Well, that's not entirely true - there is a second hand bookshop...but it's not a terribly good one...)

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