Monday, April 07, 2008

St John's - Second Night

A low-key evening tonight.

The Italian and my Man returned about six-thirty and we headed out for a meal. Down on Duckworth Street we found The Indian Gate (a gateway to fine Indian cuisine in the heart of St John's), where we had a very aromatic and delicious dinner. So funny to be served Indian food by Newfoundlanders, but the chef must have been from India - the flavours and presentation were very authentic. As a nod to local palates, however, there was not a lot in the way of "heat".

Back in our room by ten o'clock and asleep by eleven, after a quick dip into the Book of Knowledge - an elderly and encyclopediac volume that sits mouldily on our bookshelf, containing bits of arcane lore under such headings as "The Peoples of the Great White North", "Why Does Boiling Make Potatoes Soft and Eggs Hard?", "The Canadian Habitant", and (my personal favourite) "Alcohol, The Enemy of Life". I quote:
The effect of alcohol upon a developing brain is as bad as it can be, and no young person who hopes to make a name in the world should touch it in any form.
So this is where we have gone wrong!! I only hope it is not too late for my Man and I.

Walking back to the B&B.

The Italian.

Full of Indian food and tranquility.

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