Friday, April 11, 2008

St John's - Sixth Night

Dinner tonight was at Restaurant 21.

My Man, the Italian and I all had the caribou medallions on truffled potatoes, with sourdough toutons dressed in a salt meat and white bean stew.

Nuff said.

It was our last dinner together, since the Italian has to head back out to BC tomorrow. The three colleagues have been immersed in their work, it's difficult for them to talk about anything else - but the Musican and I don't mind. The show is going to be great, if our dinner table conversations are any indication.

After dinner we went down to George Street, which is the all-night party street of St John's, to Club One, where we saw Buck 65 do his thing for very appreciative Friday night crowd. Sadly, we were too late for the opening act, Cadence Weapon, whom my Man had interviewed earlier in the day for the new show, but Cadence (AKA Roland Pemberton) came by to say hello before leaping on stage for a dynamic encore with Buck.

After the show, my Man and I headed back to the B&B - but the Italian needed to let off a little steam (his hard drive had literally combusted earlier that day, losing a week's worth of work), so he went off to Water Street in search of House music. He did a little dancing, made a few new friends, heard some good tunes and got home at 3:30AM!

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